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This course has been developed in recognition of the changing requirements internationally for all aviation operators to adopt a Safety Management System within their organisation both Airport and Aircraft Operators.

The training package fulfils the requirements of all current regulations and regulatory guidelines worldwide, i.e. ICAO Annex 14, UK Civil Aviation Authority CAP 712, Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Australia CASR Part 119 (proposed), Transport Canada CAR Part 1 (subsection 7), and FAA Order 8040.4

Completion of the Course

A Satisfactory Completion rating is necessary prior to participants being issued with a Certificate of Completion.

Learning Outcomes:

At the conclusion of the general induction course participants will be able to:

  1. Explain the role of human factors within a Safety Management System;
  2. State the role of the CEO, Aviation Safety Manager, Safety Committee and key personnel in the SMS;
  3. Outline the key concepts of each of the elements inherent in a SMS programme;
  4. Describe the main concepts in safety and safety management, including theory and practice in contemporary threat and error management;
  5. Establish a system to identify and report hazards, incidents and accidents in the workplace environment;
  6. Describe organisational arrangements and techniques that ensure the safety system is functioning according to design;
  7. Describe leadership & cultural change options for practical application in safety management systems;
  8. Apply change management principles to modify the safety management system, when that is necessary.