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AviateQ can assist Airport Operators to develop and successfully implement a Safety Management System (SMS) within their organisation. We work with key staff, to develop a Manual and Programme that meets the specific needs of the Airport.

There are strong safety reasons for an Airport to establish an SMS programme. The International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO) has recognised this, and through Annex 14 (Section 1.4.6) mandated the introduction of SMS into licensed airports from 24 November, 2005. Some member States have given dispensation to its national Airports, but still require Airports to present a strategic plan for implementation by November 2005. For instance, Australian International Airports were required to implement an SMS by November 2005, but all other Licensed Airports have until 2007. The Canadian regulatory authority has adopted a similar approach. This is in contrast to countries such as Belgium (and other European countries), which have mandated SMS for all its licensed airports from the ICAO 24 November 2005 deadline.

The ICAO Manual on the Certification of Aerodromes further details the requirements for an SMS, and strongly emphasises that, "Suspension of an aerodrome certificate may be considered if an aerodrome operator’s safety management system is found to be inadequate". (Section

Our Approach

AviateQ staff are able to tailor an SMS programme to suit the needs of their organisation. Our typical approach is to:

  1. set up an SMS web support tool for your Airport, which provides an outline of the programme; additional resources section; and an online ‘safety culture’ survey;
  2. deliver an Initial SMS training day for key personnel;
  3. conduct ‘in-house’ workshops for developing Airport specific Hazard (Risk) Management strategies;
  4. produce an SMS Manual that meets international and in-country regulatory requirements;
  5. provide assistance with initial implementation of the programme; and
  6. conduct periodic ‘independent’ auditing of the Airport’s SMS programme to establish whether the key objectives are being met.

For further information on setting up your organisation’s SMS programme contact us.